Thursday, 27 September 2012

Getting Spooky In Morticia's Gruesome Laboratory

Hey everyone, Zombie Kim Dellow here to give you a guided tour of Morticia's Gruesome Laboratory, please don't touch any of the bottles in the lab, you have no idea where they have been or what is inside them.

Please take your time to look around Morticia's Lab but if you should hear the terrifying klaxon, which is the wailing sound of many screaming voices, then you should know that your time on this planet has been numbered and there is no escape.

Enjoy your tour!

When Morticia isn't in her lab brewing and stewing she can be found hanging out with her monster pals in the Make It Crafty Mini MonstaGalz stamp set.

Her lab assistant Frankenstein, or Frankie to his friends, shoots pool with his monster gang on his days off over in the Make It Crafty MonstaBoyz set.

He doesn't really have a speech impediment, he just likes living up to people's expectation of an evil laboratory assistant, it was in the job description after all.

They kitted out their evil lab at very competitive rates from Zombie Kim Dellow Laboratory Equipment Supplies Ltd and their wallpaper was from the Echo Park Apothecary Collection with the extra Halloween greeting from the Artistic Outpost Haunted Halloween set.

That about wraps up our tour, thanks for coming and if you have any questions, now is the time to keep them to yourself. You will find the gift shop Quixotic Paperie's Scary Halloween section on your way out and don't forget to leave your mark in the visitors' book for a chance to win some yummy stuff.

Have a safe trip home!

Uh oh! I think I hear some wailing - you might want to run to the gift shop...


  1. He he he! That is so much fun Kim!!

  2. wow this is so those images and fun design..



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