Sunday 16 October 2011

Some Of Our Favourites...SCACD Victoria Case

It's 'Some of Our Favourites' time and we have another Susana's Custom Art and Card Design or SCACD for short to showcase today. As you know there are four SCACD ranges in the shop: Carmen Medlin, Elisabeth Bell,  Victoria Case and the newest addition to the family Sylvia Zet.

In our last 'Some of Our Favourites' we had a look at the lovely Carmen Medlin's images for SCACD so this week why don't we have a peek at the Victoria Case images?

Shall we kick off with this lovely retro make from Mary J using Retro Crew 2 - Take Note
That was a nice little trip down memory lane! Don't forget to have look at all the lovely Victoria Case images in the shop.

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