Friday, 25 May 2012

Colouring blonde hair tip!

Happy Friday everyone, Mary J here!  Instead of my usual card, I thought I'd share something different today.  I have a lot of people asking me about the colours I use for blonde hair so I'm going to show you my colours.  To demonstrate I have used Adele by Make It Crafty that I got from yummy stash store Quixotic Paperie.   Adele is such a dream to colour in and I spent ages on her hair - it just draws you in!  Here she is...

First off, I should say that I use Make It colour Blending Card - I have used all sorts of brands and Neenah used to be my fave, but no longer!  Okay, onto colouring!  So the base colours I use are E50, E51, E53 - usually starting with the lightest E50 all over as this gives me a feel of the movement of the hair.  I then use E53 where I want the shadows.  Only then do I use E51 to blend the two colours together.  

Now, take a closer look...

In the darkest areas it looks almost green - well, that's because it is!  I used YG93 and then blended with E51.  I'm trying to be braver with my Copics, using colours that aren't in the same colour groups together and I was pleased how my experimenting turned out on this!

Okay, well I hope that was useful - any questions, leave me a comment and I'll get back to you!  Now to make something with this beauty....


  1. Smiles - they're my favourite colours too - so much so that I just had to order a refill on my E50... hehehe..
    I got these portrait images last week but haven't had time to bring them to life yet.. hopefully when hubby's dad has returned home I will have some extra play time.. smiles..
    Can't wait to colour mine in..
    Your's is superb sweetie.xx

  2. Fab tutorial, I shall give it a go!


  3. Thanks, MaryJ, this has been really helpful as I'm fairly new to using Copics.



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